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Vanessa Oliveira

Musician, actress, linguist

Vanessa Oliveira (São Paulo, 1978) is a Brazilian musician, actress and linguist who works with literature and the arts. She plays percussion and became an accomplished tambourine player inspired by Marcos Suzano. In São Paulo she studied drums and percussion with Alexandre Biondi (Banda Sinfônica de São Paulo) at Fundação das Artes, drums with Bob Wyatt (Soundscape Big Band) at Faculdade Cantareira, and acting with João das Neves. She has a degree in Electronics.

As a multilingual artist, she investigates idioms, history of music and anthropology; she fluently speaks and sings in Portuguese, Spanish, English, French, and she is now studying German. She performed in films and TV series in Argentina and Spain. In São Paulo she was a member of the renowned theatre companies Cia. os Satyros (directed by Rodolfo Garcia Vasquez & Ivam Cabral), and Teatro Oficina (Zé Celso Martinez Correa). Both groups belong to the core of Brazilian avant-garde scenery in Performing Arts. She was directed by awarded film directors Garth Davis (Emmy, Cannes) and Matthew Rolston (David Bowie, Michael Jackson).

Oliveira partners with Argentinean architect and entrepreneur Patricio Pouchulu, working on interdisciplinary fields. She is also researching on Black and African cultures, promoting Negritude -Black Consciousness- through educational works, history, art and literature.   up


Green Dragon Dreaming. Copyright © 2014 Vanessa Oliveira

Professional Work, Musical Shows

Oliveira has performed and co-organized shows in São Paulo since 1998 and in Buenos Aires since 2008. In the last few years she performed percussion shows in private* and public street events like Dia del Afroargentino, Plaza de Mayo, organized by the Government of Buenos Aires.**

Oliveira performing in a street concert in Buenos Aires, Afro-Argentinean Day. Copyright © 2013-18 CABA

She performed with Cabeça de Nego*, La Paila, Buenos Aires; Juanja Bustos*, Boteco do Brasil Bar, Notorius, Buenos Aires**; Maria Paula Godoy, Notorius** Buenos Aires; Semba, Afiches Bar**, Buenos Aires; with Gabriel Rivano*, Josi Dias**, at Daín Usina Cultural. In 2009-10 she performed as part of Trio de Janeiro +1, in Juana M**, Buenos Aires.  In São Paulo she performed with Trio Foia Verde, CEUS, São Paulo,** in 2007.

Oliveira with Demônios da Garoa. Copyright © 2007 Vanessa Oliveira

During the first years of the new millenium she took part of many concerts and events: the renown Ensemble de Percussão, Fundação das Artes de São Caetano do Sul, São Paulo**, in 2002, and played with Vasco Faé e os Generais** in 2002. During 1999 she was part of GEM (Grupo Experimental de Música) directed by Fernando Sardo in Santo André.**  up

*Soloist show **Group show


In the 25th Bienal Internacional de Arte, São Paulo (2002), she performed the collective staging VB 50, a 3hs performance, piece of work from Vanessa Beecroft.

Musical Arranger

Between 2001 and 2004 Oliveira arranged parts of Pranto de Maria Parda, Cia. os Satyros, from original music by Péricles Cavalcanti, Brasil. In 2013 she was invited to arrange segments of the film Los Inocentes (117 minutes), with original music of Emilio Kauderer, Argentina.

Tarde de Palhaçadas, São Paulo. Copyright © 2003 Vanessa Oliveira


For five consecutive years, 2003-07, she was a member of the successful and memorable Tarde de Palhaçadas, directed by Jairo Mattos. Simultaneously she played in Os Sertões, Teatro Oficina Uzyna Uzona, directed by Zé Celso Martinez Correa (2007), Auto da Barca do Inferno, Cia. Dragão 7, directed by Creuza Borges (2006); Pranto de Maria Parda (1516), Cia. os Satyros, directed by Rodolfo Garcia Vasquez & Ivam Cabral (2001-04). See a scan (University of Toronto) of a book edited in 1900, here. Antígone, Teatro Reverso, directed by Teotonio Sobrinho (2004), Sappho de Lesbos, Cia. Os Satyros, directed by Rodolfo Garcia Vasquez y Ivam Cabral (2001-02), and Flávio Império uma Celebração da vida, Cia Estável de Teatro, directed by Renata Zhaneta (2001).   up


Oliveira is conducting Interdisciplinary Studies with Patricio Pouchulu, dealing with Philosophy, Linguistics, Anthropology, and comparative Art History in relation with Geography, Economics and Politics.

Vanessa mirrored at the Actors' Union, Buenos Aires. Copyright © 2014 Vanessa Oliveira

Bibliography is studied in original languages (or first translations from Greek, Latin and German), and includes masterpieces from Aristotle, Karl Popper, Ferdinand de Saussure, Arnold Hauser, Marshall McLuhan, Bertolt Brecht, René Huyghe, Jacques Maritain.


Oliveira is co-author of the play Revolução dos Lixos.

Films, TV

She was selected for a supportive role in the film Los Inocentes (117 minutes) with Patricio Contreras, directed by Mauricio Brunetti, Argentina (2013). She participated in Carne de Neón (120 minutes), Spain (2003).

Oliveira had supporting roles in the TV series Solamente Vos (45 min), and Quitapenas (45 min), both produced by Channel 13 Buenos Aires and distributed in Latin America.

She got protagonic roles in advertising films for global corporations: Budweiser (Worldcup Rio 2016, shot in Uruguay), Gancia, Marlboro, Smirnoff (Australia & New Zeland),

Shots in Buenos Aires. Copyright © 2010 Mari Roveda

Coca-Cola (shot in Rio de Janeiro), Becks, Heineken, Beldent-Trident, Bacardi, Head & Shoulders (USA, Canada), 2008 Nuvaring (USA).

Articles, Reviews, Ads

In 2013 she featured in Vlov magazine, cover and main article on Gustavo Santolalla, text by E. Corona and photos by A. Pedal, BA.**

Cover and main article on Oscar winner musician Gustavo Santolalla. Copyright © 2012 Vlov magazine

Sappho de Lesbos, from Cia. Os Satyros, article by Antônio Abujamra, São Paulo. *** Cia. Os Satyros, article in newspaper Folha de São Paulo, by Christian Cancino, same year. **

* written by Oliveira, ** by critis and journalists, *** by prominent actors

In the period 2000-10 she appeard in printing adverts for global corporations like American Express (USA), Ripley (Peru & Chile), Emirates (shot in São Paulo).


She featured in the photography exhibition Beleza Afro-Brasileira (photos from Giancarlo Mecarelli and texts from Jorge Amado, photographed in Brazil).

Workshops, Teaching

Since 1998 she's been teaching languages and music in São Paulo -both for childen and adults. In 2014 she offered Drums for children (CMM); previously she taught Primary French for children, English for adults (Access School), and Creative English learning for children (Red Balloon School), in São Bernardo do Campo. In early years she was involved in Luthier techniques for children, Musimundo Escola de Música, in Santo André.    up


Oliveira speaks English, French, Portuguese and Spanish. She is studying French Translating and Interpreting at Instituto Juan Ramón Fernandez in Buenos Aires; in São Paulo she attended the Winter Longman TDC Teacher Development Course by Pearson Longman and the Red Ballon Teacher Development Course. Read full list of courses here.   up


Oliveira worked in public relations for conventions, representing international companies as interpreter and promotor. In Buenos Aires: IVECO Convention (Faena Hotel, Buenos Aires); International Automobile Trade Show (Centro de Convenciones La Rural). In São Paulo: BOVESPA (São Paulo Stock Market); International Automobile Trade Show (Volkswagen). Read full list of events here.


Vanessa Oliveira's CV in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

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