Miles' Dance. Copyright © 2014 Vanessa Oliveira / Pouchulu


Oliveira speaks English, French, Portuguese and Spanish. She is studying French Translating and Interpreting at Lenguas Vivas, Instituto Juan Ramón Fernandez in Buenos Aires. in São Paulo she attended the Winter Longman TDC Teacher Development Course by Pearson Longman and the Red Ballon Teacher Development Course. She trained in Access School (French and English), and Cultura Inglesa (First Certificate English).

In Buenos Aires she perfectioned in music, singing, acting and performing by Miguel Tallo, Iris Guiñazú, Maxi Cataldi, Leo Rodriguez, Nora Yelén, Belen Ilé, D. Fainstein, Santiago Sucheyre. Previously in São Paulo by Fernando Sardo, Lilian Carmona, Bob Wyatt, Alexandre Biondi, Sérgio Gomes, Dinho Guebara, Bira Azevedo, Ester Beyer, Teca Alencar, Mestre Pantera, Rodrigo Mateus, and João das Neves. She graduated as Electronic Technician from Colégio Clóvis Bevilácqua, Santo André.

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