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Musician, actress, linguist

Vanessa Oliveira (São Paulo, 1978) is a Brazilian musician, actress and linguist who works with literature and performing arts. She plays percussion, becoming a notable tambourine player inspired by Marcos Suzano. In São Paulo she studied drums and percussion with Alexandre Biondi (Banda Sinfônica de São Paulo) at Fundação das Artes, drums with Bob Wyatt (Soundscape Big Band) at Faculdade Cantareira, and acting with João das Neves. She has a degree in Electronics. As a multilingual artist, she investigates idioms, history of music and anthropology; she fluently speaks and sings in Portuguese, Spanish, English and French. She performed in films and TV series in Argentina and Spain. In São Paulo she was a member of the renowned theatre companies: Cia. os Satyros (directed by Rodolfo Garcia Vasquez & Ivam Cabral), and Teatro Oficina (Zé Celso Martinez Correa). Both groups belong to the core of Brazilian avant-garde scenery in Performing Arts. She was directed by awarded film directors Garth Davis (Emmy, Cannes) and Matthew Rolston (David Bowie, Michael Jackson). Oliveira partners with architect entrepreneur Patricio Pouchulu. They work on interdisciplinary fields; they also explore Black American and African cultures, promoting Negritude -Black Consciousness- through educational works, literature and art from Black African and Afro-descendants.

Additional information available in Deutsch, English, Español & Français, here.

Red Statue (Miles' Dance) 2008, Vanessa Oliveira

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