Vanessa Oliveira performing in Canto da Maria Parda, Cia. os Satyros, Sao Paulo, circa 2002.
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For five consecutive years, 2003-07, Vanessa Oliveira was a member of the successful and memorable Tarde de Palhaçadas, directed by Jairo Mattos. Simultaneously she played a part in Os Sertões, Teatro Oficina Uzyna Uzona, directed by Zé Celso Martinez Correa (2007), Auto da Barca do Inferno, Cia. Dragão 7, dir. by Creuza Borges (2006), Pranto de Maria Parda, Cia. os Satyros, directed by Rodolfo Garcia Vasquez & Ivam Cabral (2001-04), Antígone, Teatro Reverso, dir. by Teotonio Sobrinho (2002), Sappho de Lesbos, Cia. Os Satyros, dir. by Rodolfo Garcia Vasquez y Ivam Cabral (2001-02), and Flávio Império uma Celebração da vida, Cia. Estável de Teatro, directed by Renata Zhaneta (2001). In the last few years Oliveira was invited to arrange parts of playwrights and films; find details here.

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Left: Sappho de Lesbos, Os Satyros, 2001-02; centre: Antigone, Teatro Reverso, 2002, and Flavio Imperio, 2001; right: Vanessa Oliveira in Tarde de Palhaçadas, 2003-07.

Oliveira, who was artistically inspired by her father Leandro, is also involved in educating children through music and performaces. She is author of the play Revolução dos Lixos. Play in progress.

Group Alpha Centaury, Sao Paulo, 1973. Leandro de Oliveira (second, right to left), Vanessa Oliveira's father, from whom she was inspired as a perfomer and actress.

In the 25th Bienal Internacional de Arte, São Paulo (2002), she performed VB 50 during 3hs., a piece of work from Vanessa Beecroft.

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