Left: Oliveira with Folia Verde, Sao Paulo, 2006. Right: Green Dragon Dreaming, 2014. Copyright © 2007 & 2014 Vanessa Oliveira
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Music Shows
Oliveira performs and co-organizes shows in São Paulo since 1998; in Buenos Aires since 2008. In the last few years she performed Percussion shows in private* and public events like Dia del Afroargentino, Plaza de Mayo, organized by the Government of Buenos Aires since 2013.**  She performed with Cabeça de Nego*, La Paila, Buenos Aires; Juanja Bustos*, Boteco do Brasil Bar, Notorius, Buenos Aires**; Maria Paula Godoy, Notorius** Buenos Aires; Semba, Afiches Bar**, Buenos Aires; with Gabriel Rivano*, Josi Dias**, at Daín Usina Cultural. In 2009-10 she performed as part of Trio de Janeiro +1, in Juana M**, Buenos Aires.  In São Paulo she performed with Trio Foia Verde, CEUS, São Paulo** in 2007, and was part of group Camará (2006). In those years she had wonderful conversations with colleagues Cauby and Wando, among other renown Brazilian artists.

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Above, left: Oliveira with Demônios da Garoa; centre: with Cauby Teixoto, right, with Wando, at Bar Brahma. A portrait photo shot in Sao Paulo. In the new millenium she took part of many concerts and events: the renown Ensemble de Percussão, Fundação das Artes de São Caetano, São Paulo**, in 2002, and played with Vasco Faé e os Generais** in 2002. During 1999 she was part of GEM (Grupo Experimental de Música) directed by Fernando Sardo** in Santo André.   *Soloist show  **Group show

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Contact Vanessa Oliveira here, or send an email to: vanessa_oliveira@pouchulu.com.