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Films, TV
Oliveira participates in commercial films, in diverse roles. In 2013 she played a part in the horror thriller Los Inocentes with Lito Cruz (Argentina, 117 minutes; below left), directed by Mauricio Brunetti. In 2010 she participated in the comedy thriller Carne de Neón (Spain, 120 minutes; below right). Oliveira had supporting roles in the TV comedy/family series Solamente Vos (45 min), and Quitapenas (45 min), both produced by Channel 13 Buenos Aires, Argentina, distributed in Latin America and Spain. She participated in Musical Clips.

In previous years she got protagonic roles in advertising short films for global corporations like Budweiser (Worldcup Rio 2016, shot in Uruguay), Gancia, Marlboro, Smirnoff (Australia & New Zeland), Coca-Cola (Rio de Janeiro), Becks, Heineken, Beldent-Trident, Bacardi, Head & Shoulders (USA, Canada), Nuvaring (USA).

She represented industrial companies, featuring in promotion video films. In Buenos Aires: IVECO Convention; International Automobile Trade Show (La Rural). In São Paulo: BOVESPA (São Paulo Stock Market); International Automobile Trade Show (Volkswagen); Jhalani Kamlet Overseas (India Tech Engineering Machines Fair); Brazilian-Chinese and Brazilian-Indian Commerce Chambers.

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