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Oliveira featured in fashion and design magazines like Vlov magazine, (above) with cover and main article about musician and Oscar winner Gustavo Santolalla, text by E. Corona and photos by A Pedal, BA.** From Cia. Os Satyros, article on Sappho de Lesbos, by Antônio Abujamra, São Paulo,*** and an article in the newspaper Folha de São Paulo, by Christian Cancino.**   In the 25th Bienal Internacional de Arte, São Paulo (2002), she performed VB 50 during 3hs., a piece of work from Vanessa Beecroft.  In the period 2000-10 she appeared in printing adverts for global corporations like American Express (USA), Ripley (Peru & Chile), Emirates (shot in São Paulo). ** Written by critis & journalists  *** Written by prominent actors

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She featured in photography exhibitions. Above top (middle), photo from Beleza Afro-Brasileira (Sao Paulo, 2007), by Giancarlo Mecarelli, texts from Jorge Amado.

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