L: Anton Azbe (Kandisky's teacher) Black Girl, 1895. C: Marie-Guilhelmine Benoist, Portrait d'une Negresse, 1800. R: Gorée, Dakar.
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Vanessa Oliveira partners with Patricio Pouchulu in Interdisciplinary Studies. They work on three research lines: comparative studies between Philosophy, Linguistics and Anthropology; Civilizations and Art History in relation with Geopolitics, and Negritude. Bibliography is studied in original languages (except first translations from Greek and Latin), and includes masterpieces from Aristotle, Karl Popper, Ferdinand de Saussure, Arnold Hauser, Marshall McLuhan, Bertolt Brecht, René Huyghe, Jacques Maritain.

Bibliography on Negritude includes works of Léopold Sédar Senghor, Kwame Nkrumah, Roland Barthes, Imamu Baraka, and others.

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